I have been almost permanently working on BMC topics since 2001, partly due to my own projects but also through the support of my colleagues and employees in my time as senior consultant. With the ITSM Suite from BMC you certainly obtain one of the most powerful suites available on the market. Many ITSM processes are already preconfigured and implemented with a high degree of process maturity. Simple adjustments can frequently be carried out via configuration options, whilst other extremely specialised customisation wishes can be integrated into the existing code via in-house developments. Future expansions and enhancements are also not excluded by such measures. In principle, the update capacity of the product remains with regards to the fundamental server platform as well as the whole suite. Even changes of the server operating system or the database system are feasible. Over the years I have gained extremely in-depth knowledge regarding the internal program structure of AR Server and ITSM Suite.

Project contents

  • Introducing the ITSM Suite tool
  • Expansions and adjustments to screens
  • Customizing in all forms
  • Importing master data
  • Multi-Client Capability
  • Reporting
  • Interface development
    • Web service
    • Mail
    • CSV/ARX etc.
    • DLD
    • SQL
    • various
  • Connecting external ticket tools via interfaces
  • Developing a virtual client interface (VCI)
  • Server upgrades (various)
  • Upgrading from ITSM Suite 7.0 to 7.5
  • Upgrading from ITSM Suite 7.5 to 7.6.04
  • Changing database from DB2 to MSSQL
  • Performance analysis and tuning
  • Troubleshooting and internal support
  • Developing own processes
  • Script control
  • Provider consoles
  • Requestor Console (RC)
  • Service Request Management (SRM)
  • Incident Management (INC)
  • Change Management (CMG)
  • Problem Management (PBM)
  • Knowledge Management (RKM)
  • Service Level Management (SLM)
  • Supplier Management , Single Vendor/Multi Vendor
  • Customer communication, Single Customer/Multi Customer
  • Asset Management & CMDB
  • Controlling and monitoring application development
  • Development and supervision of roll-outs
  • Service validation and testing


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    Period: 03/2011
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    Focus: BMC Remedy IT Service Management 7.5: Administering – Part 1
    Period: 01/2011
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    Period: 12/2009
  • BMC Atrium
    Focus: Core CMDB 7.5 – What’s New
    Period: 11/2009
  • BMC Atrium
    Focus: CMDB 2.x – Administering Part 2
    Period: 10/2009
  • BMC Remedy
    Focus: AR System 7.5 – What’s New
    Period: 08/2009
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    Period: 2002
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    Period: 2001